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Show Finally Goes On

2020 Inductee Sonny Davis and Lucia Lipton.

2020 Inductee Sonny Davis and presenter Lucia Lipton.

Billy Edd Wheeler

2007 Inductee Billy Edd Wheeler was among the performers.

The West Virginia Music Hall of Fame’s 2020 Induction Ceremony will be broadcast statewide on West Virginia Public Broadcasting’s main channel 7-9 p.m. November 14. The two-hour special will also be streamed on wvpublic.org, Facebook and Passport.

The ceremony was filmed at the Culture Center Theater September 20-21 and will also include presentations and musical segments taped in Nashville, Los Angeles and Bakersfield, CA.

Photographs by Mike Keller

Charlie McCoy led the house band

The house band was led by 2008 Inductee Charlie McCoy.

Eric Waggoner and Trevor Hammond

Eric Waggoner, Executive Director of The West Virginia Humanities Council, presents The Hammons Family award to Trevor Hammons, great-grandson of Lee Hammons and fifth generation of this important musical family.

Lucia Lipton and 2020 Inductee Ethel Caffie-Austin

Lucia Lipton presented the award to 2020 Inductee Ethel Caffie-Austin.

Andy Ridenour, 2020 Inductee Larry Groce and Francis Fisher

Inductee Larry Groce’s award was presented by fellow Mountain Stage co-founders Andy Ridenour (l) and Francis Fisher (r).

Sandra Groce, 2020 Inductee Larry Groce and Julie Adams

Sandra Groce, Inductee Larry Groce, and Julie Adams performed.

Billy Edd Wheeler, Vince Herman, Annie Neeley and Larry Groce

The finale, “The Rev. Mr. Black,” was performed by Billy Edd Wheeler, Vince Herman, Annie Neeley, Larry Groce, and the WVMHoF House Band.

Co-hosts Vince Herman and Emily Miller

Ceremony co-hosts Vince Herman and Emily Miller.

Melody Jordan, Annie Neeley and Delnora Roberts

Singers Melody Jordan, Annie Neeley, and Delnora Roberts accompanied Inductee Ethel Caffie-Austin on “I’ve Got a Feeling Everything’s Gonna Be Alright.”

Nancy Daugherty

Nancy Daugherty, Arts Education Specialist for the National Endowment for the Arts, presents the Spirit Award to Randall Reid-Smith, Curator of the Arts for The Department of Arts, Culture and History.