Museum at the Mall: WVMHoF in the Charleston Town Center

Museum at the Mall

Open Friday-Sunday, approximately noon-5 p.m.

In December, 2017, the WVMHoF moved into a storefront on the second level of the Charleston Town Center. With exhibits, displays and a retail section, the store has introduced the WVMHoF to an entirely new audience. In the first six months alone, more than 5,000 people visited the store.

In August, we were presented with the opportunity to move across the hall to a larger space, formerly the home of The Gap. With approximately three times as much room, our curator and designer Gavin Wissen quickly turned the space into a showcase.

The store has also become a venue for live music, hosting the monthly performance series The Third Eye Cabaret and occasional “flash performances.” This December, the WVMHoF store will feature music Wednesdays and Fridays (5-7 p.m.), and Saturdays and Sundays (2-4 p.m.). Third Eye hostess Carolyn Sue Young is programming the music.

In addition to displays, shelves of memorabilia, computer stations with DVDs of all seven Induction Ceremonies, there is a display of more than 50 vintage guitars, ranging from Fender and Gibsons to Silvertones, Teiscos, Supros, and Nationals.

Please stop in and say “howdy!”

Museum at the Mall

The Class of 2018

All Star Jimmy Dickens Tribute Released

The WV Music Hall of Fame’s CD tribute to 2007 Inductee Little Jimmy Dickens, The Rhinestone Hillbilly, is now available.

The compilation includes tracks by many of West Virginia’s finest: Bill Withers, Kathy Mattea, Connie Smith, Charlie McCoy, Ann Magnuson, Mayf Nutter, Tim O’Brien, Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr., Larry Groce, Russ Hicks, James Price, Mollie O’Brien & Julie Adams, Todd Burge, John Lilly, and the Carpenter Ants.

For the rest of the story, track listing, artist bios, and most importantly, to order your copy of the CD click here.

West Virginia My Home Musicians and the Mountain Stage Experience

The West Virginia Music Hall of Fame’s new documentary, “West Virginia My Home: Musicians and the Mountain State Experience,” offers a fascinating look at some of the most prominent musicians to come from West Virginia, and how the “Mountain State Experience” influenced their lives and music.

Artists including Bill Withers, Brad Paisley, Little Jimmy Dickens, Hazel Dickens, George Crumb, Kathy Mattea, John Ellison, Everett Lilly, Charlie McCoy, Billy Edd Wheeler and Billy Cox, recall their experiences growing up in West Virginia, and how those values and ideals helped shape their careers.

Educational and inspiring, the documentary is suitable for all audiences. For students in particular, the film illustrates that growing up in a small town in a small state does not need to be a barrier to pursuing their dreams.

The film was produced by the West Virginia Music Hall of Fame and was funded by the West Virginia Humanities Council, the West Virginia Legislature, and the Hamilton Family Foundation. To purchase a copy of the film, or for information about setting up a screening: 304/342-4412;

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