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Education Programs

In addition to documenting and preserving the rich and lasting contributions West Virginians have made to all genres of music, a primary mission of the Hall of fame is to develop and implement educational programs that highlight those contributions for state residents both young and old.

Our most visible tool for education outreach is via the Traveling Museum, which the Hall of Fame operates in cooperation with the West Virginia Department of Education. Over the last few years, the Museum has visited scores of schools throughout the state, bringing its fun and challenging educational opportunities to thousands of students. The Museum has also appeared at numerous festivals, conferences and other events all over West Virginia.

Other educational components of the Hall of Fame include: an interactive map of over 200 WV musical artists, now available on the web; Ideas for Teachers, which offers biographical material and lesson plan suggestions on several of West Virginia’s best-known musicians and songwriters; The Band Wagon, a mobile performance space that, like the Traveling Museum, brings Hall of Fame programs to communities throughout the state; and the HoF has branched out into dance with the “West Virginia Mambo,” a dance instruction program that is offered to schools and other groups.

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