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WWVA and The Wheeling Jamboree will be the recipients of the West Virginia Music Hall of Fame’s 2018 Spirit Award. The award is presented to people, programs and venues that have impacted the state’s music and culture. Grand Ole Opry star Carol Lee Cooper will present the award to Jamboree mainstays Darnell Miller and Roger Hoard.

Cooper, the daughter of Jamboree and Grand Ole Opry stars – and WVMHoF inductees – Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper grew up on the Wheeling Jamboree stage and led the Opry’s Carol Lee Singers for nearly four decades. Darnell Miller joined the show in 1967 and is now the longest-running member of The Wheeling Jamboree. Guitarist Roger Hoard played on the show for 25 years.

The Wheeling Jamboree is the second-longest running live country music show in the world – second only to Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry. The Jamboree began in 1926 in the studios of radio station WWVA, and was first presented to a live audience at Wheeling’s Capitol Theater in January 1933. Originally called The Midnight Jamboree due to its initial late-night time slot, the show has been known by several names, including The Wheeling Jamboree, The World’s Original Jamboree, the WWVA Jamboree, and most recently, Jamboree USA.

The Jamboree played a significant role in the development of country music as an art form, important in reaching rural audiences north and east of Wheeling, extending into the Canadian Maritime Provinces. While there were a number of similar shows in other parts of the country, including the Chicago Barn Dance and the Louisiana Hayride, The Wheeling Jamboree far outlasted the others.

Today, the Jamboree continues to present top country music talent to live Wheeling audiences on Saturday nights and to listeners over the airwaves of radio station WWOV, maintaining a long and proud entertainment and broadcasting tradition.

A Message from Michael W. Smith

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Hall of Fame "Shop" at Mall Remains Open

The West Virginia Music Hall of Fame exhibit and store at the Charleston Town Center Mall will remain open on weekends for the foreseeable future. The storefront is located on Level 2 at the top of the escalator toward the Court Street entrance (across from the AT&T store).

In addition to Hall of Fame merchandise and tickets for the February 10 induction ceremony, there will be memorabilia, photos and posters on display.

Visitors can also take a “musical tour” of West Virginia with the WVMHoF’s Interactive Map. The 40-inch touchscreen is loaded with a county-by-county map of West Virginia that showcases more than 200 West Virginia musicians and bands.There will also be a video station to view past induction ceremonies and the WVMHoF’s documentary, “WV My Home: Musicians and the Mountain State Experience.”

If you would like to volunteer to staff the store, we are looking for folks to pick up four-hour shifts on Saturday and Sunday.

Many thanks to Charleston Town Center Mall for the opportunity to reach its many patrons.

For more info:; 304/342-4412

All Star Jimmy Dickens Tribute Released

The WV Music Hall of Fame’s CD tribute to 2007 Inductee Little Jimmy Dickens, The Rhinestone Hillbilly, is now available.

The compilation includes tracks by many of West Virginia’s finest: Bill Withers, Kathy Mattea, Connie Smith, Charlie McCoy, Ann Magnuson, Mayf Nutter, Tim O’Brien, Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr., Larry Groce, Russ Hicks, James Price, Mollie O’Brien & Julie Adams, Todd Burge, John Lilly, and the Carpenter Ants.

For the rest of the story, track listing, artist bios, and most importantly, to order your copy of the CD click here.

Carnegie Hall Now Home To Hall of Fame Exhibits

     The WVMHoF is excited to announce that it has partnered with Carnegie Hall in Lewisburg, WV to present “The Art & History of WV Music.” This ongoing exhibit will feature a rotating selection of memorabilia, artwork, photographs, show posters, stage clothes, instruments, and recordings from artists who have made their mark on the musical landscape of West Virginia. The exhibit includes items from a number of WVMHoF inductees such as Kathy Mattea, Bill Withers, Johnnie Johnson, Peter Marshall, Billy Edd Wheeler, Charlie McCoy, Hazel Dickens and Tim O’Brien.
     In addition to Carnegie being the permanent home of the exhibit, the two organizations will be co-producing a number of events throughout the year.
     This project is presented with financial assistance from the West Virginia Humanities Council, a state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

West Virginia My Home Musicians and the Mountain Stage Experience

The West Virginia Music Hall of Fame’s new documentary, “West Virginia My Home: Musicians and the Mountain State Experience,” offers a fascinating look at some of the most prominent musicians to come from West Virginia, and how the “Mountain State Experience” influenced their lives and music.

Artists including Bill Withers, Brad Paisley, Little Jimmy Dickens, Hazel Dickens, George Crumb, Kathy Mattea, John Ellison, Everett Lilly, Charlie McCoy, Billy Edd Wheeler and Billy Cox, recall their experiences growing up in West Virginia, and how those values and ideals helped shape their careers.

Educational and inspiring, the documentary is suitable for all audiences. For students in particular, the film illustrates that growing up in a small town in a small state does not need to be a barrier to pursuing their dreams.

The film was produced by the West Virginia Music Hall of Fame and was funded by the West Virginia Humanities Council, the West Virginia Legislature, and the Hamilton Family Foundation. To purchase a copy of the film, or for information about setting up a screening: 304/342-4412;

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